Andy Chu

a startup product manager in Los Angeles

Andy Chu

Hi, my name is Andy. I am a startup focused product manager and I build awesome software.

About Me

Andy Chu, Product Manager

I’m a product manager, and I love what I do. My passion comes from solving tough problems in order to move the needle for my business. Whether that’s de-escalating an unhappy customer, designing a product spec, or figuring out the right scalable process, I love the challenge of tackling the unpredictable and making it work.

I’m currently a product manager at PatientPop, a comprehensive marketing SaaS solution for healthcare providers. Our mission is to help practices thrive.

My Product Strengths


Lean and Agile
I’ve only known startups, and I can make a bootstrapped budget last.

Project Management

Start to Done
New ideas are great, but I'm focused on getting product delivered.


Always Be Asking
Assumptions are deadly; I work hard to validate my team's and mine.


Data First
People say they're data driven. I prefer letting Matlab do the talking.

My Workplaces and Projects

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